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Hay Hill Gallery's 2015 exhibition schedule opens with a group show over two floors- a chance to experience the variety of creative talent they currently represent. Popular works previously featured have included Sveta Yavorsky's ethereal magi and winged leopards; Afshin Naghouni's dark-eyed women and resin veils; Sopho Chkhikvadze's mnemonic gardens and faded swimming pools; Jones Keyworth's smoky London landscapes and glittering silver birches; Roger Aslin's mysterious film scenes painted in clean flat colours; Marek Dutka's striking geometric shapes formed of bright shoals of fish; Robert Bissell's dancing bears and butterflies. 


These artists are known for their aesthetic beauty, technical diversity and bold originality; there are no shrinking violets here. Subsequently, the group shows at Hay Hill Gallery demand focus and proper time to take it all in. Strong opinions are encouraged, no sitting on the fence- it is impossible to come away having seen nothing you absolutely hated or completely fell in love with. This cleverly curated exhibition showcases a wide range of paintings from the abstract to the hyper-real, promising to be an extraordinary feast for the senses.