A Flower from every Meadow: Children's Artwork from an East London Mosque

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"A Flower from every Meadow" gives an insight into the exuberant creativity of young British Muslims today. The fruit of an art class held as part of after-school lessons in a Pakistani-run mosque in Newham, the paintings show a particular vibrancy born of living between different cultures. In a setting free of figurative representation, these boys and girls aged between 5 and 13 respond eagerly to different cultural influences shown to them by their teacher and enjoy the opportunity to experiment with their own visual vocabulary. The class is supported by Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque as part of the wider education of the children in their care and was the initiative of voluntary teacher and exhibition curator Allegra Mostyn-Owen. It is a rare example of positive mutual engagement between a traditional mosque and a visiting educator of Christian background. The exhibition highlights the important role played by mosques where children attend for two hours every day. The title of this exhibition is taken from a verse by 14th century Persian mystic poet Hafiz and reflects Allegra's interest in acquainting her students with their rich cultural heritage. This exhibition is sponsored by the Rangoonwala Trust Supported by DIL Trust UK