EXPOSURE: Contemporary Media Art from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

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Exposure is an exhibition project showing photography and short films from several artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Exposure will look at the diversity and complexity of the emerging aesthetics from a generation of young artists in China.

We live and breathe in a shifting dynasty. 
 “Who am I?“ is a constant issue amongst the youth of China, who grow up with massive economic development and social changes. Anxiety, forlornness, confusion, ‘sacklessness’; what we sense and our concerns, reflect the very forms of our creation, and their images visualize aspects of the negotiation of self.

Through the showcase of still photographs and short films, Exposure will provide viewers with an exciting visual experience, exploring the contemporary Chinese cultural landscape.

The show will be located in the London Gallery West Project Space located on 'The Street' at the Harrow campus, University of Westminster. 

Curated by Yiman Lin, a student at the University of Westminster (Email: [email protected])

Private View: Tuesday 28 May 6.30‐8.30pm