Exposed (PV on 22/09/2017)

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Expose (v)

past tense: exposed; past participle: exposed
1 make (something) visible by uncovering it
2 reveal the true, objectionable nature of (someone or something)

All students have to take their fledgling steps into the real world but, for the art student, it's not so much a tentative shuffle as a brazen leap of faith from a launchpad of their own making. There are no half measures - one day they have to put it all out there, raw and exposed.

Exposed is the launch show of eight such emerging artists, all studying on the Contemporary Portrait Diploma course at The Art Academy in London, and part of newly-formed group LondonCP8.

While their work is rooted in the genre of portraiture, don't expect a show of lookalikes or a sea of unfamiliar faces. Being mature students, the group brings depth, narrative and colourful individuality to their approaches, along with a willingness to push the boundaries of representation and redefine what can, and should, be considered a portrait. The show features pieces in a wide range of media, styles and on all scales, and includes work for sale.

Having met on the Contemporary Portrait Diploma at The Art Academy London, the eight artists in LondonCP8 come from all walks of life - we count an architect, linguist, magazine editor, psychotherapist and even a bridge ace and an Olympic rower among our number. We are united by the fresh perspective that took each of us back to college at this point in our lives, and by a shared passion to make art that reflects - and attempts to make sense of - this mad, mad world we live in.

This year alone, members of LondonCP8 have been short-listed for a major Sky Arts tv painting competition, the Ruth Borchard Prize, Sir Philip Trousdell Portrait Prize and the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize.

LondonCP8 is: Alessandra Bettolo, Fiona Land, Michele Opoku-Taylor, Bridget Rampton, Ali Rideout, Helen Stone, Joanna Watts, Caroline Wong.

We were sisters from day one, sisters we shall remain.​