EXHIBITION RE:Imagined 2017 Art Show


A unique art project which gives 15 emerging artists a platform to showcase their work, based on images created by Robert John from the What I See When I Look At project which ask us to question and reimagine our reality.

All profits from the show will be donated to Parkinsons UK Charity

The more personal meaning of the project is about our concepts of reality. Robert's father lived with Parkinson's for many years before his father passed away. During which, he developed Parkinson's dementia, he began seeing things which were not visible to us, yet they were so real to him, he could see these things, smell them, even touch and feel them. This made Robert think about what our concepts of reality are and what we choose to actually see. How real are they?

We are pleased to announce that the project is presenting its second annual show at Store Street Gallery in Central London, close to the British Museum. The gallery represents and promotes both established and emerging contemporary artists from the United Kingdom, Europe and further afield.

The show will feature works from the following artists:

Malaika Ibreck, Henriette Heimdal, Curtly Adams, Tamsin Corrigan, Connie Liebschner, 
Charlie Leverett, Berkin & Mika, Lauren Goldie, Sultan Kinns, Jason Nepomuceno,
MJ Colegate, Jamie Firminger, Alexander Green, Ella Shepard & Margie Houlston