Everywhere was nowhere, and nowhere everywhere


"‘Everywhere was nowhere, and nowhere everywhere’ is a group exhibition that sits within a territory where we are faced with the human need to connect with a sense of the cosmic. Each artist here has their own idiosyncratic approach to this cosmo-anthropic task, using both esoteric and exoteric methodologies. Some of the artists turn towards less rational worlds or enter a space where art history is to be ‘fermented and feasted upon’. One artist is steeped in Sufi cosmology, while others mix geology with anthropology to find the spiritual - along with socio-political critiques." - Mustafa Hulusi

Pi Artworks is delighted to present ‘Everywhere was nowhere, and nowhere everywhere’, a group exhibition of eighteen artists exploring the sensory experience outside of language to defy the narrowing horizon of thought in the face of ever looming idea of functionality of techno-science prevailing over imagination. Following the Italian philosopher Federico Campagna’s ideas of ‘Technic’ and ‘Magic’, the exhibition offers to create a dialogue between two opposing yet not utterly incompatible polars, constituting and shaping the definition of what we call reality while guiding the visitors into intangible realms of being.

Curator of the exhibition Mustafa Hulusi states this show as "an invitation to the viewer as a playful rewriting of visual codes, from mystical hard-edged abstraction to trippy figuration, or from innovative assemblage to compellingly beautiful affective hand-crafted works. It is possible that the ineffable can illuminate - that liberation, and elation can be found by attuning to our cosmic origins and recalibrating our focus to our ultimate celestial destination."

This preternatural encounter brings the distinctive approach of each artist to light, in our search for a way to liberate our stream of consciousness from the tightening net of functionalism. Magical thinking is believed to deliver a creative way for us to navigate through our cosmic and anthropic journey.

Private View: Thursday, 1 September 6-8 pm