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London, 25th March, 2024 – Miart Gallery London situated in Mayfair, recently awarded the title, ‘The Best Gallery or Museum in United Kingdom 2024’, and named within, ‘The 20 Best Galleries And Museums In The World’, by the American Art Awards and World Art Awards, have announced the first UK solo exhibition of Slovenian multi-media artist Michael Gregorjev Murn (MGM).

‘ECHOES’ by Michael Gregorjev Murn will open on 10th May and run until 6th June, 2024. Set to be a defining moment in MGM’s artistic journey, the exhibition is the first stop on an ambitious eight-year global tour for the artist, which will involve art fairs around the world and culminate in a retrospective exhibition in New York.

Murn’s inaugural solo UK retrospective will be exhibited at the award-winning Miart Gallery London, a spectacular 560m2 contemporary and modern art centre located in the heart of Mayfair on St. James’s Street, London. Miart Gallery London, as well as being named "Best Gallery or Museum in United Kingdom 2024” and featured in “The 20 Best Galleries or Museums in The World 2024", by the American Art Awards and World Art Awards, was also named as one of the ‘Top 10 galleries in London 2022’ by London Walks.

The exhibition will showcase a curated selection of 35 artworks, emphasising MGM's prowess in abstract paintings and digital graphics. The curation of the exhibition will provide an immersive insight into MGM’s creative evolution and thematic diversity, and will also involve a presentation of his monograph, offering an in-depth look into his artistic endeavours and narratives. Miart Gallery London will present MGM’s first UK solo exhibition in its expansive Mayfair space, as part of an ongoing exhibition programme designed to support diverse artistic expressions through its multi-level layout and commitment to bridging Eastern and Western art forms.

Michael Gregorjev Murn describes himself as a ‘hyper-creative artist’, and as one of the leading Slovenian artists in the world, is a prominent ambassador of contemporary art movements in Slovenia, with an innate understanding of the importance of international activities and promotion of arts worldwide.

Murn says that his journey as an artist began in 2005 at the tender age of 10, when he decided to pursue his passion for creating in various forms by establishing ‘Atelier Art Murn’: the initial setup was modest, a small plastic table proudly adorned with a sign that read ‘Atelier Art Murn’. It was within this space that Michael’s insatiable curiosity for art took flight. Immersed in the world of creativity, he delved into art movies, voraciously consumed literature on various techniques, and fearlessly embarked on experiments with diverse media. The atelier became a playground for his imagination, a place where everything from seemingly simplistic ‘dadaistic’ drawings to intricate 3D artworks found its place. Michael’s boundless creativity defied categorisation as he skilfully blended media and styles, showcasing an extraordinary range of artistic expressions. Embracing the ethos of assemblage art, he ingeniously incorporated a plethora of objects collected from his relatives and surroundings, weaving together unorthodox combinations that gave birth to intriguing and thought-provoking artworks.

Murn explains: “The complexity within my artworks mirrors the intricacies of my life. Eager to explore everything, learn from every experience, and immerse myself in diverse cultures, religions, and backgrounds, I wholeheartedly embrace the unknown.”

A multi-disciplinary, multi-facetted artist, Murn is something of a Renaissance man, and doesn’t restrict himself to one medium or creative outlet, applying his artistic talents to painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, poetry and sculpting.

Dr Leyla Mahat, Professor of Kazak National University of Arts, describes him as a polymath: “Universal man, encyclopædist, polymath, Renaissance man is one whose intellectual abilities, interests and activities are not limited to one area of knowledge and a single area of their application, as well as an individual who achieves tangible practical results in all areas. Much can be written and said about Michael Gregorjev Murn. From a very young age, he was fascinated by all matters pertaining to development, creativity, and originality. This amazing individual resembles a Renaissance polymath due to his persistent forward progress, appetite for innovation, and need for continuous development.”

Art critic and curator Richard-Baker Howard describes Murn’s oeuvre:“Murn’s work is often created from the perspective of a world ‘as it is perceived, not as it is known’, and in many genres it is distinguished by his ability to construct complex and multifaceted forms, which sometimes foreground metaphysical complications and ambiguities to the exclusion of aesthetics. He seeks to move viewers’ beyond entirely free looking and passivity, seeking a more immersive and engaged experience. He endorses the opinion that easy cultural forms are a damaging social phenomenon, in as much as they drain the time and energy of participants into activities that are pointless or escapist.”

The Lord German OBE, Member of the House of Lords says of Murn: “Miha Murn is that great combination of being both an artist and an entrepreneur. As an artist he excels in many disciplines, but is always looking forward, opening new vistas and perspectives. As an entrepreneur he has built a business model which helps art thrive and prosper. He has worked nationally and internationally, enhancing our understanding of artistic developments in Slovenia, and building relationships within other countries to expand the routes by which artists can earn their living. Miha has a multi-disciplined creative skillset, which is shaping the artistic world through this wonderful combination of skills.”

Miart Gallery London was founded by Irem Deniz, an international art consultant and woman of immeasurable knowledge, prestige and fortitude within the art sphere. The industry’s recognition of Deniz’s expertise is demonstrated through Miart Gallery London winning several high-profile industry awards.

With a background of international art consulting, Deniz’s curatorial visions and decisions for her gallery have facilitated highly successful exhibitions featuring the works of renowned artists such as Banksy, Auguste Rodin and Wolfgang Stiller. Alongside exhibiting established artists, Irem appreciates the potential in emerging artists and provides them the opportunity to exhibit their works amongst the established. Miart Gallery London offers visitors the opportunity to see artworks by the potential ‘next name’ in art before they are discovered on a larger scale.

Hot on the heels of Miart Gallery London’s success, Deniz has founded Miart Gallery Istanbul. Through this expansion, Miart Gallery London will become part of another creative community thus providing Miart Gallery London the opportunity to collaborate, curate and exhibit diverse artworks in both London and Istanbul.

In addition to the opening of Miart Gallery Istanbul, Deniz has founded Miart Fest Istanbul, with the ambition of universalising the philosophy of art from past to present. Deniz’s vision is to achieve this through combining artworks with music set in historical venues in the city of Istanbul. Miart Fest Istanbul will encourage visitors to embrace the art, culture and history of Istanbul.

Deniz’s experience in the art sphere originates from her former role as an international art consultant. Irem’s extensive contacts and expert knowledge of art enables her, through her business Miart Gallery London, to provide an excellent service to art collectors both established and new as well as creating a welcoming environment for art admirers. Miart Gallery London’s monthly exhibits feature internationally renowned and emerging global classical, modern and contemporary artists, photographers, multi-media artists and sculptors including Kadir Akyol, Banksy, Lars Beusker, Peter Combe, Beto Gatti, Gary James McQueen, Lorenzo Quinn, Auguste Rodin and Derrick Santini.