Earth Eaters


EARTH EATERS is an alternative name for the condition Geophagia - the practice in humans and animals of eating earth or more specifically the clay and mineral content within it. This exhibition will explore soil’s potential role in prevention of climate change, the artistic use of soil/earth as medium, and calls on us to readdress, and promote the health of, the vital substance that we take for granted. By investigating the relationships between philosophy and nature, the personal and the political, destruction and construction, and considering the distinction of non-human and human agents- the works in EARTH EATERS will question what is at stake in the ecological crises of the 21st century. This will be navigated by blending diverse areas of expertise, including paintings, sculptures, videos and installations to challenge the conventional systems of classification, suggesting a worldview that strives to dislocate humans from their assumed position of centrality and superiority as knowers and actors in the world.