DAVID TRESS: New Paintings

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Widely regarded as one of Britain’s most inventive landscape painters, David Tress’s seventh exhibition at Messum’s London gallery reveals his most powerful collection of works to date. 


His powerful technique is, perhaps, best described by art critic and writer David Boyd Haycock who comments “David Tress tears apart the British landscape, almost forces his way into it. His extraordinary paintings and drawings are like pages ripped from the places he has visited: like turfs dug from a field or a hillside, at times they are almost three dimensional in their form. He is no passive bystander; he is artist, archaeologist and visionary rolled into one.”


The important exhibition of over sixty new paintings will be accompanied by a major catalogue featuring the artist’s own words expanding on his love of English landscape and the reasons for enshrining the ancient characteristics he finds within his subject. The written element within the catalogue, which touches on his thoughts of ancient places of worship and the fundamental make up of the landscape, offer a contrast as his pictures do about seeing the old with the new.