Danny Fox Painting

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Danny Fox was introduced to Cock 'n' Bull Gallery by artist Sue Webster who became a fan of his after she found him drinking in her local boozer. A year after they first met, Danny convinced Sue to visit him in his studio in Kentish Town to look at his work and offer any comments.

'There was simply no more room to breathe and I felt a duty to exhume these unfamiliar masterpieces before the painter suffocated and died - another undiscovered artist suffocated by the toxicity of his own genius.' 

Sue Webster

Giant canvases engulf the viewer in a myriad of colour, texture and imagery in this body of work, simply entitled 'Paintings'. Danny is a unique interpreter of his experiences, making his canvases a requiem for the real and imagined where one idea doesn't simply exhaust itself in one painting but resonates throughout the series,

Danny Fox pulls various motifs and figures from his conglomerate of personal life experience engaged primarily to a variety of nights and days in pubs filled with strippers, borrowed aesthetics seen on his travels, imagined characters and even encounters with the Ladyboys of Bangkok.