The Colour of Abstraction: New Ways of Seeing

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The Colour of Abstraction: New Ways of Seeing is a group exhibition featuring work from across Grove Square Galleries’ exciting artist roster. The exhibition will showcase bold new paintings and mixed media works, several created especially for this exhibition, by five international young artists: Orlanda Broom, Crystal Fischetti, Elena Gual, Harry Rüdham and Marc Standing.

At a time when we are facing unprecedented challenges, emotionally, socially or economically, The Colour of Abstraction: New Ways of Seeing is a joyful celebration of colour and abstraction in what has become an uncertain and confined world. Exploring the artists’ diverse aesthetics and thematic concerns, the exhibition is unified in its curation of bright, dynamic, powerfully gestural work, championing a buoyant freedom across the canvas.

Orlanda Broom’s practice is connected by strong sense of colour, reference to organic forms and exploration of the flow and manipulation of the medium, effecting a distinctive immediacy and freshness in the final paintings. And Crystal Fischetti’s work, a healing practice that transverses the physical realm with the non-physical one, is rooted in movement, rituals, and shamanism, working with energy, light, and dance to create uplift and awaken through gesture and colour.

In Marc Standing’s work, through his life journey from Harare, Zimbabwe, through Cape Town, Australia and Hong Kong to London, his experiences have honed his art into the vibrant, inventive and haunting work we see here. Harry Rüdham’s brightly textured canvases fuse the classical motif of the reclining figure with a strikingly abstract approach, inspired by the colour studies of Bauhaus theories and transposed into a contemporary context. Elena Gual’s abstracted paintings shift our perception of the figurative by using her unique style to create portraits that are both stunning to observe and empowering in equal measure.