Charles R. Grigg: American Abstract

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‘Charles Grigg is an architect of color. He builds his paintings deliberately, piece by piece, but the product is never static. In spirit, these works recall Robert Motherwell’s brand of abstraction, carefully balanced compositions, both sensuous and cerebral. […] These are painter’s paintings: they are all about the mark, the line, the crucial building blocks of composition.’

 -Miles Unger, Art New England


As someone who began painting while the great Abstract Expressionist

Willem de Kooning, was at the peak of his talent, Grigg was influenced by him and others including Guston and Diebenkorn.

In his own words, Grigg says ‘I struggle, always, with a desire for the abstract, cosmopolitan, apolitical statement, but also for the uncontrollable forces of one’s own character made visible.’

Born in 1940 in St Louis, Missouri, Grigg has an MFA from Cornell University. He has shown in various venues in the U.S. and his work is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, among others.  This is his first show in the U.K.