Charles Atlas, Mika Tajima and New Humans: The New Pedestrians

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Over ten days, this ambitious live art presentation transforms the SLG's main gallery into a hybrid installation/film set featuring a collaboration by Charles Atlas and Mika Tajima with contributions from New Humans and others to create a dynamic space for performance, music, video and sculpture.

Structured around the theme of walking, this film production project traces the politics of this basic bodily movement in its different manifestations and strategies as it negotiates the changing landscape of modernity.

A walkway cuts through the space becoming at once arcade, exhibition, passage, runway and stage. Along the path are various objects and tableaux, including new scaffold sculptures and a selection of sculptural object arrangements that have come to be associated with Tajima's collaborative New Humans installations and performances over the years - including elements such as cinema flats, mirrors, scaffolding, palettes of soft drinks, a junkyard car and a treadmill.

The installation is a fully functioning film set with three performance events rehearsed and performed within the set. All elements relating to the film's production are on display including lighting, film tracks, sound desk and equipment. This scenario becomes both the structure for collaboration as well as the very subject of the performance itself. The installation and preparation for the performance events are open to the public during regular gallery hours.

Inviting a range of UK-based performers to participate, The Pedestrians becomes a framework for a diverse series of positions and actions working with and against the installation.