Basti Ram Life Through The Lens Photography Exhibition

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Life through the lens is a Photography Course organised by charity Basti Ram to teach Photography in a destitute Boys home in Rajasthan, India.

The course aims to enable young boys to learn how to use digital cameras and capture their lives through the lens, to be able to show their environment and their emotions through Photography.

It is not only an influential and inspiring project for the boys (learning ways to be creative is such an extremely powerful and valuable tool) but it's also important for people in the UK to see these images.

So often, we see a Westerners view of deprived and destitute areas in the media and our opinions and representations of those places can often be inaccurate or negative.

To have the boys' own perception of their life and environment is not only beneficial to our understanding of place but, in this day and age, it's also critical to be able to relate to people from other backgrounds and to see their world authentically and as they see it themselves.


The Exhibition runs from 2nd - 8th 10am - 5.30pm

At: 3Space Gallery, 29-31 Oxford Street, W1D2DR

Tube: Tottenham Court RD

Entry: FREE

Preview: 6pm, 2nd February, 2015

For any more information visit:
or call 0203 714 5549