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Lagidze is known for his highly structured and layered abstract paintings and philosophical approach to art.  He is sought-after in the international art world, but notoriously reclusive preferring to exhibit exclusively in his own gallery in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi.

The theme of tirelessly looking deeper beneath the surface, sharing profound experiences, gratitude, harmony and a sense of playfulness runs throughout Lagidze’s work.

Levan Lagidze’s paintings are deep, vibrant, and textured. His art shares experience through abstraction, connecting to universal narratives such as landscape and urbanisation.


He is adamant in saying “I don’t want to surprise or shock you, I only want to share with you.”


Layers of colour and structure entice the viewer to look deeper into the paintings where they discover ever more the more they look. Colour is at the heart of Lagidze’s work:


“It is said that painting is the art of showing colour – but to me, it is the art of hiding colour. Colour needs to be hidden in order to entice the viewer into searching deeper.” Levan Lagidze