Anna H. Geerdes Where Are We Looking

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A view of a tree through a hole in a wall which is situated in a landscape that has been damaged somehow
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Compass Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition of powerful and compelling paintings by the artist Anna H. Geerdes. This will be her 4th with the gallery, her previous one had to be postponed during the covid crisis until we could welcome audiences in person back into the gallery in 2021. Since then, for Anna, like many artists and those in the creative arts, there has been a massive shift in reality and stability. This has led her to slowly seek a way forward with some apprehension and “an edge of uncertainty that mirrors the unpredictability and disruption of the world”, which poses questions that are reflected in this strong new body of work.


Anna asks “What to do? Where to look? Why painting?”


As an artist, painting is the only way that she knows. In her search for answers, these new paintings have evolved. Landscape is the main subject, skilfully and beautifully executed, but there are areas of disruption, disturbance in the logic of perspective and sometimes unexpected intrusions of other places or different it the past? Is it the future?


Although these works have a global resonance, they are also deeply personal insights. Anna says “The maker doesn’t always know what they are doing. The viewer doesn’t always know what they are looking at. Somewhere in between something might happen…..”